Pronounced: /Ke-Ka-Gi/ EP

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Kakagi is a folk-rock band from Winnipeg, MB. Heavily influenced by other prairie songwriters, Kakagi writes earnest songs about mundane places and situations. Kakagi takes their name from a lake in Northwestern Ontario close to the summer camp where the band first played together. Kakagi’s music fits well with the canoe trips the band members took in their youth: relaxed, yet determined, and somewhat unpredictable. 

Kakagi had a busy first year as a band. They released their first EP, toured out to Western Canada, and took home the top spot in the Uniter Fiver contest for 'best new local band'. The band is hard at work writing their first full length record to be released in the spring of 2018.

Jacob Brodovky / Vocals, Guitar

Jonathan Corobow / Bass

Jesse Popeski / Vocals, Guitar

Max Brodovsky / Vocals, Drums